Digital Forensics

Want to investigate crimes, stop cyber criminals?

Like computers? Solving puzzles?

With the increase use of computers to commit crimes and growing demand for computer-based data in civil proceedings, a need has rapidly developed for forensic experts to extract useful information from computer evidence.

Student Success Highlights

Bloomsburg University offers the only digital forensics bachelor's degree in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and is Pennsylvania's Center for Digital Forensics. Bloomsburg graduates are working in law enforcement, homeland security agencies, law firms and private companies.

At BU, digital forensics majors will:

  • Examine computers and smart phones
  • Recover deleted pictures, documents and internet activity
  • Explore hidden areas on hard disks
  • Trace network activity to find weaknesses and compromises 
  • ​Test the security of computer systems and networks
  • Determine system and network vulnerabilities
  • Discover ways to protect systems and data from hackers
  • Respond to cyber breaches

Center of Academic Excellence

Bloomsburg University has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense Education with a focus in the area of digital forensics through academic year 2021. The CAE designation, jointly sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, recognizes that Bloomsburg’s digital forensics program has meet stringent criteria in regards to the curriculum, faculty, research, and demonstrates an institution-wide commitment to information assurance practices and cyber defense education.

Students attending CAE designated schools become eligible to apply for related scholarships and grants through the Federal Cyber Service Scholarship for Service Program.




Digital Forensics

Program Director
John Riley |
Ben Franklin Hall 205

Digital Forensics Program




BloomCon Competition

BloomCon becomes center of cyber hacking world

Cyber security or digital forensics practitioners are also well trained hackers. They have to know how to get into your computers, cellphones, security systems so they can create a way other hackers cannot get though. BloomCON is a Forensic security conference where professionals and students have the opportunity to listen and speak to professionals in the industry. BloomCON just had its second annual conference. It had over 500 participants from all over the east coast; Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Chicago, New York and New England. BloomCON hosted 36 speakers in this two day event.

“My biggest highlight for me was being able to network with people who have done amazing things in the world of digital forensics,” said Troy Platukus, digital forensics major. “To be able to talk to them about their experiences gave key insight about my future career, and was something I valued greatly.”