Department of Languages and Cultures

Department of Languages and Cultures

Do you want to get a real advantage?

Learn a second language! Students who have decided to combine a Languages and Cultures major with another major recognize that by adding a second major to their credentials, they are providing themselves with greater opportunities in the job market! Students who currently major in Languages and Cultures also have majors in: accounting, engineering, history, psychology and secondary education, as well as 15 other BU majors.

If a major doesn’t fit your plans, how about a minor? Questions? We’ll answer them for you!

Foreign Language Preference

We would like to know your preference for studying a second language.

We can also provide you details on how to satisfy the MyCore Second Language Goal!


Languages and Cultures

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Spanish Courses

New Major: Spanish for Heritage Language Learners

Do you speak Spanish because of your family background? If so, you may not consider studying Spanish at BU to be a priority, BUT... students who know how to speak, write and read Spanish formally in in a variety of professional contexts (business, medical professions, social services, education, etc.). can turn their natural skills in Spanish into marketable assets that are corroborated on their transcripts upon graduation.

This is why we have created a major especially for students who speak Spanish but have not studied it formally: Spanish for Heritage Language Learners. In most cases, the Spanish for Heritage Language Learners major can be added as a dual major, with no extra time or expense, for those already pursuing a major in a different area. For details, contact


Study Abroad

Study abroad is the single-most valuable part of you education as a learner of a second language. While you will learn much about your chosen language of study via your classroom and co-curricular activities in the Department of Languages and Cultures, nothing can take the place of an extended, direct immersion experience in a place where the language you study is the language of everyday life.

There are a number of ways to pursue study abroad opportunities. Your professors can give you some recommendations, but you should plan on communicating directly with the Office of Global Education in order to find the program and the place that are right for you.

Do not be deterred by financial concerns. The typical study abroad experience at BU does not incur student costs that exceed what students typically pay as part of their normal tuition, room and board expenses. Whether you are a Languages and Cultures major, minor or simply interested in taking full advantage of the experiences BU has to offer, carefully consider your study abroad options.


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Department of Languages and Cultures